The consultancy group has at its disposal a business center in the heart of Paris designed to meet the requirements of VIPs
Whatever the purpose of your visit to Europe we have the provision of services that meet all your needs,
To meet your investment concerns, we put most of our expertise through specialized public offices to provide full coverage of contract drafting and management
The mission of our team is to meet the needs of investors working in the private and public sectors. We have an international network of highly experienced specialists who assist you to meet your needs in order to achieve the desired success.
Based on the experience of the consultancy group, it helps you to achieve the most important investments by budget and the need to achieve the best returns in cooperation with the most important houses of expertise and financial institutions competent.
For Vacation Vacations The Consultancy Group offers you all kinds of accommodation services such as hotels or apartments.

We also facilitate car rental services with or without driver, in addition to providing security services through specialized security companies.
We are proud of our experience & we are honored to serve you.
To be the leading institution in the field of investment management and legal consultancy in all countries of the world in line with our Islamic and Arab values and to promote follow-up to ensure the provision of necessary services to the investor.
We are working to establish new standards through a team of highly qualified experts, who combine values and lofty goals, inspire us with faith and challenge to deliver a unique experience to our clients and establish a long-term partnership.

Providing innovative symbiotic services to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction and retention through a professional team.
• We cherish our values ​​based on principles and values ​​in dealing.
• Creativity based on customer service excellence and meet their needs and keep pace with their aspirations towards growth and lasting success, God willing.
• Quality, integration, creativity and focus on customer requirements.
• We are committed to our fundamental principles that will elevate us to serve as role models for others.
• Sense of responsibility and commitment towards the institution and its employees and customers.
• Integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality to ensure the achievement of the desired objectives of customer and client.
• Teamwork, work together to achieve the goals that serve the client
• Our ability to establish new and capable standards.
• Our prompt response to customer needs and demands.
• Our ability to respond to our clients' own requests on time.
• Our timing is always ahead of events and developments.