Insurance and tax laws are crucial issues and cause major concerns for foreign investors. The advisory group has developed its expertise to manage the interests of its legal clients through specialized law offices. Our services include: - Negotiation and conclusion of insurance transactions as well as collection of collateral benefits. As the CGIAR list and track record are expanding, we seek the quality and quality of customer services by providing investors and investors with adequate financial advice to protect foreign investment. We also focus on double taxation issues and provide the best solutions to improve tax management. The burden on the investor in cooperation with the law firms and the competent accounting.
The consultant group provides assistance and advise for its clients through assistance and legal consultation which includes protecting their interests and contributes to the elaboration and formulation of diverse agreements with their partners according to the nature of their activities (trading, industrial, financial…etc)
Through its permanent link with systems and laws of the intellectual property rights, as well as its specialized and practical experiences in this field, it treats the conflicts forms that occur on these rights and aims to provide guarantees to companies, patents owners and registered trade marks agents, and to guarantee the registration and the utilization of these rights by protecting them from intellectual piracy.
wIith respect to the fact that the business is involved in insurance and taxation activities that affect the future of foreign investments and is considered a component of any commercial, financial, real estate and other operations abroad, the Advisory Group is interested in concluding and negotiating insurance agreements with the specialized companies on behalf of their clients and following up these companies to collect the appropriate compensation when needed , And provides appropriate tax advice for commercial and investment operations to avoid the problem of double taxation and protection by providing appropriate tax studies.
The Group preserves and recovers the customer’s rights. Defend them at the concerned legislative and ministerial authorities.
Considered as one of the most important mean in the resolving of trade conflicts in the modern era, the consultant group gathers specialists in trade reconciliation and arbitration field required by the international trade and could -by way of representing its clients in front of arbitration councils and assuring their defense- become an essential member in the international arbitration institutions group to which is submitted every international conflict, in order to cut it short according to the legal rules … .
The Consultative Group studies construction and engineering projects of all kinds, and is interested in discussing and documenting the agreements on a specific project and discussing the agreements in the same project. The most important tasks in this regard are overseeing the contracting contracts, regulating the owner's relationship with the contractor and the latter with the executors. Local and legal contractors, contractors, banks,and regulate the legal relationship between them and the owner of the property to be built on it. The Consultative Group contributes to finding solutions to the differences that may result from construction and engineering contracts during all stages of construction. It supervises the proper implementation of contractors' obligations and ensures compliance with specifications and standards in conjunction with the specialized control offices and supervises the disbursement of the extracts resulting from these contracts.
The Group assists foreign investors by providing advice and legal advice in terms of the regulations in place in the country, in terms of the amount of capital, its type, the tax imposed, the rights of the investor, and proposing legal solutions to deal with any legal problems that foreign investors may face. The Group also prepares foreign investment contracts and participation whether the project is foreign In whole or in part, and shall register such contracts, issue licenses and trade records to the foreign investor and represent him in all necessary matters before the official and non-official authorities in the country.