Dr. Saleh Bakr Al Tayyar
Lawyer Legal Counsel & Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Suhail Al Tayar
Group Vice President & Executive Director
Mr. Mohammed Al-Khuraiji
Honorary President
Mr. Bakr Saleh Al Tayar
Project Development Manager
Dr. Louay El Tayyar
Director of Communications
Mr. Magdy Yousef Al-Kurdi
Lawyer & Legal Advisor
Dr. Amin Shankiti
Member of the Board
Mr. Samir Dunkir
Technical Officer
Ms. Aljia Ben Ahmed
Executive Secretary
Mr. Ahmed Essam El Tayyar
Lawyer & Legal Consultant
Ms. Shahad Saleh Al Tayyar
Financial & Investment Consultant
Mr. Abdullah Al-Ghazi
Economic Advisor
Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Harbi Ghannam
Lawyer & Legal Advisor
Ms. Nadine Cherif
Executive Secretary
Mr. Mustafa Hani
Director of Cairo office